And, the chips are in ..

20141125_210552It is the season in London where the Christmas decorations and lights are up and Christmas carols are playing almost everywhere.  Among the many festivities, there are the markets.

The market at Southbank has begun and it is early enough that there is not a big crowd yet, so it is still magical and joyful to walk along the river bank and enjoy the atmosphere. Plus, the slightly foggy autumn evenings make it cosy.

This year, contrary to previous years, there are a few food popups – which is great! No longer do we need to stick to soggy burgers or tasteless pulled turkey, we can now go for duck burger or a goat cheese and honey waffle!

For my part, outdoors often means hot fluffy chips. To my surprise,  near the entrance for  The Winter Festival, there are three food stalls all serving chips (among other delicious plates). I aim to try all three of them! Three visits to this particular market before the end of the year? Very feasible, I would say!

Round 1 – The Frenchie


The Frenchie UK 's chips

The Frenchie UK ‘s chips

It was cooked in duck fat and served with truffle mayonnaise.  It had a crisp outside and starchy inside. It was good. I prefered the bits that got bashed and thus, crispier during the deep frying.

(I’ll update for part 2 and 3 as I make the visits)

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