Come rain or shine

London Skyline from Horse Guards Parade

The preliminaries for beach volley went on whether it was sunny or raining . The games took place in Horse Guards Parade, somewhere behind Bukingham palace and with a great view of part of the London skyline!

It felt very well organised, there were clear direction to where we should go and lots of attendants to help. There were different queues at various entry point which meant that it didn’t take long to go through security and into the venue.

We had nice seats with a good view to the volley ball pitch which the day before we saw on TV.But being there in person was fun and exciting; lots of cheering happening all the time. When it rained and hands were busy with umbrellas? Well, we stomped our feet instead. Nothing stopped the games and nothing stopped the spectators. In between the matches, there was entertainment in the form of dancers, something that you didn’t get to see on TV (as they would then zoom to the presentator)!

And the facilities at the venue were good, many food stalls and attendants selling water and drinks. But, with that many people, there was always a long queue at the food stall.  I wasn’t too sure about using the toilet facilities, but they turned out to be proper toilets (ie not portables) and clean.

The best part of the day was to watch team GB win the last game in our session. The whole venue was alive, spectators were dancing, cheering, clapping, yelling, stamping, mexican waving and at one point, a rendition of Rule Britania was even sung. The weather in the UK is capricious but the games indifferent to it’s moodiness had a whale of a time.

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