Fancy a burger?

There is something addictive about eating beef burgers. Making it at home is nice but it cannot compete with going to a burger joint. And adding a side or two, and a good shake with it only adds to the high. On this pursuit, I’ve been checking out some burger places around town over the year. Here are a few that calls for more than one visit!

Byron Hamburgers

This is a chain burger joint, but it’s not cheap fast food and the burgers are tasty. They serve a range of sides, sauces and toppings (about 5 types of cheese). And don’t miss their courgette fries when you want something different from chips. I’m lucky to have two of their locations within reach. So, if I need a greasy fix of minced meat in a bun, that’s where I’ll head. The burgers are normally cooked medium and the rest ie the sides, toppings, etc, you can choose. Similar to Byron is Gourmet Burger Kitchen, they definitely have a bigger selection of burgers (for example buffalo burgers), but for me Byron has that something something that makes it more special.

The Big Chill

This is not just a burger place… In the morning, you can grab a nice breakfast there, during the day, why not have a coffee while working from your laptop at one of the seats by the wide windows. And in the night, expect DJs mixing some fun grooves (check out their Events section). And on top of all that, the place makes great burgers!? Heck, if I lived nearer, I’d be there more often! The burgers are served medium and you got to love the twists you can dig from their menu: rum and honey marinated pineapple topping, a side of crispy fried baby squids, chipotle chilli sauce…one word: yum!

Honest Burgers

If you want a no fuss great burger, head for Honest burger. Located in Brixton Village, you generally have a long wait (they don’t do reservations) but you can give your name, go for a walk or drink and they will call you when the seats are available. The burger, as its name indicates, is honest, straight on a bun, with some salad. The chips are a bit fancier with sea salt and rosemary and the whole is served with what tastes like homemade tomato sauce on the side. Straight, mean and worth the wait!

Ed’s Easy Diner

This one is a long running classic American diner. If you want to try the original, head for the Soho branch and either sit at the bar and watch the chef in action or grab one of the few seats by the window. I prefer the latter as I love sitting back and watch the awesome frenzied london life. Situated in a corner with a musical theatre in front, a pub opposite, a tattoo artist and hairdresser on the left and a japanese restaurant next to an italian place on the right, there is no better place to see London while eating a burger. The burger is good but not amazing; the shakes are excellent, good onion rings and the chips fluffy and crispy as I like them. But, with the location, the feel good retro American atmosphere and the jukebox, it feels like the genuine product.

If not for London, I’d probably not have tried that many burger places. And I still have many joints left on my list! Lucky Chip, Meat Liquor and Burger & Lobster to name the next in line.

Have you tried those burgers and if so, what do you think? Do you have other places you’d recommend whether in London or elsewhere?

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