Scones, Cream and Tea – Kew

Scones, Cream and Tea is a running short review of London teahouses/afternoon teas that have a little something different..

Place: The Original Maids of Honours
Where better than opposite Kew Gardens! After a visit to the gardens or a walk by the river from Richmond to Kew, why not stop for some tea and goodies? It makes for a nice day out in west London.
The lil something:
The tables are in a quaint room and everything is served from lovely porcelaine english plates, teapots, cups and saucers.
They have a decent selection of teas, delicious quiches and pies and the scones are a good size; satisfying and with an old-style powdery finish (flour) on top. Those are pretty nice things to have, but what takes you out of this world are their unique melt-in-the-mouth Maids of Honour pastries; fluffy, with a tasty sweet tart filling. It’s a secret recipe and it’s said to have been one of Henry VIII favourites.

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