It is now Easter… egg time!

Spring is in the air, the sun peeks in almost everyday and there are chocolate Easter eggs everywhere! And in London, some not so chocolatey ones as well, more on that later. But yes, it is that time of the year; from the little shop around the corner, to the supermarket, to the outdoor markets and to the specialist shops – little oblong chocolates and other novelty ideas make their appearances. Making me wonder what’s being laid more often these days, the chocolate eggs or the hen’s eggs? 😉

Thus, there are plenty of choices around the price, quality, size, look and taste of the Easter chocolate.  I went for the traditional (it has to be an egg! or a bunny?), the unique (or at least new to me and my family) and the colourful. So here is my share of candy this Easter weekend:

The Mignon (how cute is that name!) made by Fazer. It has almond and hazelnut. And so far, you are thinking, these fillings are fairly normal and you can get this type of chocolate anywhere, right? But, would it be in a real egg shell! A very clean egg shell I may add.

Another discovery I made earlier this year is Lucky’s London – it’s an online shop (or alternatively, they retail in Harrods).  Their cake inside a chocolate (no, not cakes covered with chocolate but chocolates filled with cakes and other delicious things) caught my eyes. I liked this novel idea. And checking further at the time, I found that they have an Alice theme, a superb ‘concept’ website and for Easter, Humpty Dumpty on his wall would be sitting around. Of course, I had to get a couple of these and I am sad to report, that Humpty Dumpty in my household has fallen from his wall, broke into many pieces, the caramel oozed out and the pieces were quickly hoovered into many tummies. Horrendous, horrendous moment. There is no mess but hope is lost that Mr Dumpty can be repaired at this point of time.

Easter for me, as you have figured out by now, is an excuse to eat candies, lots of chocolates and candies, and sweets, and …you get my drift. So, I got myself a big Scandinavian papier-mâché egg shell and filled it with sweets, chocolate, candies, more get my drift.  In my shell to enjoy this lovely sunny (so far) weekend, I have some of my favourite goodies (Melt vanilla caramels, brazil nuts covered chocolate), some that yells Easter to me (Easter is not Easter without Cardbury’s Creme Egg. The rest of the year, have a Kinder Egg.) and lots of colours (Carluccio’s ‘precious Dragons’ eggs’  as I call them and which were my Easter candy from my sister. And why not, I added some pink smarties).

Enough about candies now, how about just eggs?  There is plenty of competing shop decors everyhere to make a walk around the city interesting. As well this year, there were some giant hidden ‘Eggs’ sculptures! They could be ‘hunted down’ to win a prize, or if you are like me, I enjoyed coming across them randomly. This also meant that I didn’t get to gawk at all the 210 eggs – so this Easter weekend, I’m making a trip to Covent Garden Piazza where all the eggs are on display before they are auctioned off by Monday 09 April. I wonder if they will be on display mainly during Easters in the home of their owners?

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2 Responses to It is now Easter… egg time!

  1. Valorie says:

    Surprisingly, Hershey’s didn’t come out with anything interesting this year for Easter. I’m keeping my eyes open for spring themes, though, because someone has a birthday soon!

  2. Ameea says:

    mmm Hersheys kisses :) I don’t know if I have sent you any of the melt bars yet? If not, I have to get you some, the coconut one is one of my favourite.

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