My Valentine Chocolat!


I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s day, not really – I assure you!  Ah, but my ears and taste buds do not agree; they sure do look up when there are Valentine’s day chocolats (mmm les chocolats sounds more ‘gourmande’ in french) around!

So, pretending not to be interested, I stroll about the London streets and the internet looking for some chocolatey goodies – and mind you, they are not for my partner, but for my own indulgences. This year I was on the lookout for the surprising and the tasty.

There has always been a chocolate heart at Melt Chocolates. And what a good idea –  a hollow heart shaped chocolate in which one can hide a message. It’s made with delicious milk or dark chocolate and is a gift for any occasion. For Valentine’s, they played on this concept; instead of just a note, you can choose any object to hide in the heart. Plus, you can design your own decoration for the heart. A wholly customised heart to bring your heart’s desire out. As well, they have their own design, a chocolate heart with a gold leaf decoration and a love bracelet by Assya hidden inside.

Another item that caught my eye and though maybe not designed specifically for Valentine’s day, is the Rose Bonnet boxes from House of Chocolate. The boxes alone would make a pretty gift, but with a nice selection of chocolate, it’s magnificent!

It seemed however rather pointless to hide something for myself in a heart and since I did not have the patience to wait for a delivery, I went for a classic that I could easily pick up during a quick trip to the Special Valentine’s Market (10-12 Feb) in Southbank: brownies. I returned home with a precious sea salted caramel and cocoa nib brownie, created specially for the occasion by Paul A. Young.  And yes, it was gooey, tasty and a perfect dessert for a lovely Sunday. (It didn’t hurt either to have a leisurely walk around the market during the cold morning with a spiced hot chocolate from Rococo.)

Next stop? Easter chocolats!

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